WordPress plugins that are essential for SEO

SEO becomes an integral part of the success of any business. there are millions of websites and coming to the top of search results takes time and effort. An
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Let us assume that you have chosen WordPress as your Content Management System (CMS) that is the best for building an awesome website in less time. The website looks amazing and has everything in place. From text, images, navigations to colors and graphics, everything is just perfect. But what is the use if your website is not optimized?

Optimizing your website is essential or else your hard work won’t make any sense. The best SEO Company will help you optimize your website, but are you aware that there are some WordPress plugins that can help you optimize your website?

Presenting you some of the best SEO WordPress plugins that will help in the smooth working of your website.

• Yoast SEO
Yoast SEO is the popular and most downloaded among the users of WordPress. It gives a standout amongst the most exhaustive SEO solutions out there. Without having any knowledge about coding, one can simply take the help of this tool for optimizing your WordPress website. You do not need to know much about SEO in light of the fact that it will walk you through a large number of the crucial elements like the SEO titles, Meta descriptions, and also with keywords.
It likewise enables you to compose archives and title tags. Yoast SEO highlights Open Graph Metadata, sitemaps, and ping web crawlers when you refresh your website. The users can accumulate information by using a tool, get XML sitemap usefulness, and incorporate some specialized
WordPress website improvement.

• Google XML sitemap
In order to rank on search engines, it is important that your websites are first indexed by Google. It is necessary that search engines know what your website is about so that they can present your website when a related query is asked. Therefore all your pages need to be properly indexed by them.
Thus, Google XML sitemap will help you with indexing your website. Whenever new content is updated, this plugin will automatically help search engines to access your new updated website.

• Rel NoFollow checkbox
About building links, a few links are useful for SEO while others aren’t. You don’t need some of your “connection juice” to go to a not as much as a renowned site. To keep this from happening, there is a strategy you can utilize called “nofollow.”
The Rel NoFollow Checkbox module adds a checkbox to the WordPress post editor where you can enter in links built externally you decide to “nofollow.”

• LinkPatrol
An appropriate website optimization procedure would not be finished without building links. Links indicate how legitimate and dependable your site is, so it’s critical that each link has a reason and origin, or focuses to, definitive sources.

Connecting to low-quality destinations will bring down your site’s validity, which will thus bring down your rank.

To enable you to control the links on your site, there is the LinkPatrol WordPress module.

LinkPatrol does charge you, yet it enables you to screen all the active links on your webpage, tidy up spammy links, and fix any problems related to link credibility and anchor links that your website might have.


Wordpress websites are the best and easiest to use. These plugins will help you to completely optimize your website.

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