How to use Instagram stories for Business

Social media is constantly coming up with new ideas and innovations to market businesses. It is important that you and your social media marketing agency stays up to date with these new features that social media come up to so that your posts and content are up to date and engaging. - Best
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Instagram is known popularly for sharing images. It is the second most used and famous social media platform after Facebook.

Snapchat was launched and it is a platform where the image or video disappears in 24 hours. Instagram has adopted the same feature that Snapchat works on and many businesses are already adopting this new feature for their marketing strategy.

Instagram stories are the best way to keep your followers and fans engaged by uploading day-to-day posts about the happening in your business or workplace. It is like an online photo story album that will disappear in 24 hours.

Instagram stories have a lot of interesting features that allure people more to use it. Some of them are:

• Filters
Instagram provides with various effects for images. On the top, you will find a button that has a location, timings, temperature and many emoji’s that can be added. This makes it interesting for users to add the location where they are, or emojis of Fridays, etc.

• Poll
The new poll feature on Instagram is a great way to ask questions and get answers from followers. One can ask any question or opinion about something and provide with two options. The followers choose anyone and the percentage is also shown. This can be a great way to get opinions on certain matters and also a fun activity.

• Different ways of uploading
You don’t just have an option of uploading images on the story, there are many more variations to it. Below you will find options like normal, boomerang, superzoom, rewind, stop-motion and hand-free. These can be used in a creative way and can be very engaging to the audience.

Let us see why your business should bother about Instagram stories that don’t stay long.

• The user base
Instagram reportedly has more than 250 million daily users that are active on Instagram stories. This proves that people are keen on looking at stories and find it interesting and engaging.

• Easy creation
You might spend a lot of time on making posts for Instagram uploading. Well for Instagram stories, you do not need to spend a lot of time for posts. All you need is a perfect time, light and little bit of creativity. Just clicking a perfect moment and adding a caption can work wonders.

• Great way to test ideas
Like mentioned before, Instagram stories have a feature of a poll where you can ask certain questions and get an answer with majority analysis.
Additionally, if you get an awesome response to a story, you can further add it permanently to your Instagram profile. Hence, this is a great way to test images or even products.

• Drive traffic
Instagram also has a feature where you can add clickable links on the story. This can help drive traffic to your website or a blog. For now, it is restricted to verified accounts but you can still add a clickable link in the bio.

• Make connections with your followers
Instagram stories give a sense of personalization. It is a more indirect informal conversation that you have with your followers. Your audience will be able to connect with you well and understand your brand better.
There are many more reasons why businesses should use Instagram stories like for product launches, behind the scenes, etc. is known to be the best
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