Why Responsive Website is the best option for Business

With a rising use of mobile phones, applications, online networking and sites it is currently a necessity that your business site is responsive, so your customers and prospects can reach you without much of a stretch and discover data, paying little mind to what gadget they are utilizing.

However, what is a responsive website?

A responsive website is a design that is developed in a way that it responds to user behavior and render well on all kinds of devices like mobile phones, tablets, desktops, laptops, etc.

The process of making a responsive website is in creating layouts that are flexible and to use CSS in a smart way. The design should be in such a way that the website should look the same on a tablet and on the desktop. When a user is switching from laptop to mobile phone, the website should automatically adapt the resolution of the screen. This helps saves time for making a design for every device.

A Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai who does website development will know the guidelines to make a responsive website that looks perfect on all the devices.

Let us now look at reasons for why a responsive website is the best option for your business.

1. Usage of mobile phones

You all must be aware that the usage of mobile phones is on the rise and majority of them are using them. Probably even you are reading this blog on a mobile phone. It is said that more than 50% of website traffic is from mobile phones. If their experience of visiting your website on a mobile device is poor, then there are chances that there is an increase in bounce rate and you will lose a lot of customers.

2. Online shopping
Online shopping has become very popular nowadays. People prefer sitting at home in their comfort and shopping online on their mobile phones or tablets. If they find it difficult to view your products then you are missing out on a lot of customers and sales.

3. Social media links
The importance of social media marketing is increasing day by day because social media gets a lot of traffic to the website. More than 60% people go through social media on mobile phones and there are chances that they visit your website. If your website is not responsive and looks poorly formed, you again lose out on potential customers.

4. SEO
The best SEO Company would always want your website to be responsive. Responsive websites not only improves the look of websites on all devices, but it also has a contribution to your SEO rankings. Google prefers websites that are responsive to nature. An
SEO Agency in Mumbai would guide you on how websites with responsive design help in rankings.

This has double benefits. One is that Google prefers responsive websites and the other is user experience. When a user on the mobile phone stays longer on your website, it gives an indication to Google that your website answers the query of the searcher. Additionally, there are very fewer bounce rates.

5. Single website managed
Previously there were two versions of a website, one for desktops and one for a mobile device. After the development of responsive websites, only one website has to be made that is responsive and everything can be managed by it.

The best
SEO Company in Mumbaiwill take care of all the needs regarding a responsive website. It will also make sure that your SEO rankings are improved.

Responsively designed websites have many advantages that are needed in today’s changing digital world. A business should match the speed of the changing world and preferences.

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